Empower overseas business

Social Game & Service Planning

Help your develop you business in the social game and application industry by providing you many years of experience in the field. Work with developer and IP provider in order to make great content.

Publish Social Application & Games

Work in tight relationship with many developer around the world and provide promotion and marketing services along with localization and act as a main actor in content publishing in the asian market.

Promotion, Marketing & Advertising

As a smartphone content publisher, we partner with the major platformer and carrier to provide the best promotion for your product. This is the key for the visibility of you App.


Founded in 2011 in Tokyo and composed by an international team, 3rdKind work with worldwide developer and IP provider to provide you with the suitable promotion for your product.


Press Release

プレスリリース 報道関係者各位 2012年2月29日 3rdKind株式会社     3rdKind、海外で人気の「ナノパンダ」が 「auスマートパス」...